“In the time that I’ve worked with Nancy Mimless, I’ve seen my acting ability grow by leaps and bounds. Nancy is such an effective teacher because she upholds the playful, fun atmosphere necessary to inspire great acting while also providing the insightful critique that allows young actors to consistently grow in their abilities. I’ve always left her classes feeling happy and encouraged because she helps me see all that I am truly capable of as a performer. Her positive attitude and her words of encouragement have been invaluable to me in my growth as a performer.”

Allison B.


“I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know Nancy Mimless over the course of my time as a student at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera Academy. From the moment I met her, I was inspired by her talent, dedication, and the truly hard working individual she is. When preparing for my college auditions, I was able to work with Nancy individually as she helped me prepare my monologues. While she is one of the most talented and hard working people I’ve ever met, she is also very kind, good spirited, and is willing to help anyone with anything. I have also had the opportunity to take Nancy’s acting for television and film class at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy, and she helped me feel more confident with my acting skills as I entered college. If I ever needed any type of advice or needed help with anything, she was always there for me. Although my time as a student at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy has sadly ended, I will take the lessons and skills that I learned from her in the professional world. She is a force and I’m truly grateful to have her in my life.”

Melanie G.


“Nancy offers a unique and professional learning environment that can make actors of all ages feel comfortable working on their craft. She is truly passionate about acting and is dedicated to helping others pursue their career. Nancy helped me prepare audition material and challenged me to try new things with it. Her advice and encouragement gave me incredible confidence in the pieces! Nancy has a wonderful personality that makes you feel right at home. I will ALWAYS recommend her! “

Madaline S.

“At a young age, I expressed an interest in acting and performing. My parents enrolled me in classes at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy, which is where I first met Nancy Mimless. It was apparent to me that Nancy was very knowledgeable about acting and had genuine interest in helping her students improve regardless of their previous experience or natural ability. Through creating a safe and fun environment, Nancy made every student feel comfortable to experiment and express themselves freely while in her class. After taking classes from her for a number of years, I also began taking private lessons from her to help better my acting abilities. She continued to put effort into helping me improve through careful instruction and looking out for opportunities for me such as performances that would benefit my learning experience. Nancy helped me grow as an actor, a performer, and a person throughout my time training with her, and she created a memorable experience for me for which I am forever grateful. “

Lance W.

“Nancy is a great teacher! She is very collaborative and is open to all ideas.” 

Abigail G.  

“Nancy has a gift of taking talent and polishing it to its full potential.  Her coaching is insightful and encouraging.   My sessions with Nancy give me the confidence to succeed in auditions.  Her honest, knowledgeable, and inspiring approach helps me expand my acting techniques.  Above all, Nancy is a really good person and a great friend!”

Alyssa L.